Rodney M Bliss

You Call That Graffiti?

I noticed a girl sitting on the sidewalk outside my house. It was unusual. I’d never seen her there before. She was probably about 14 years old. And she was using chalk on the sidewalk.

After a while she got up and left. I still didn’t know what she was doing or why she was there.

Later I went out to see what it was she had been drawing.

It was this.

It’s pretty, right? It’s more than that.

Why was she sitting at that particular spot on my sidewalk?

If you look in the direction the young lady was facing. You see this.

This is our “Fairy Garden.” My granddaughter loves to play with these.

I kind of wish Brynn had stuck around. I would have liked to thank her for our graffiti sketch on my sidewalk.

It should last until the next rain storm.

Stay safe

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