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Book Review: The Memoir Midwife: Nine Steps To Self-Publishing Your Book

April 26, 2022
the memoir midwife nine steps to self publish your book

Updated for the Second Edition

I have a confession to make, Stacy Dymalski, the author of Nine Steps to Self-Publishing Your Book, is my friend. It’s hard to review a book written by a friend. It’s easier when they write a really good book.

Dymalski wrote a really good book.

I read this book in about an hour. But, don’t let the fact is’s a quick read fool you. There’s a ton of useful information packed into its 84 pages.

Any book that includes a number in the name should make sure it covered at least those numbers. So, here’s Dymalski’s nine steps to self-publishing your book:

  1. Write a book – I love the fact she starts with this.
  2. Start a Publishing Company – It’s not that hard
  3. Copyright your book – You already have some protection, this gives you more
  4. Buy your books ISBN – And maybe buy extra if you are going to write more books
  5. Get your book’s barcode – Yes, you can buy these
  6. Lobby the Library of Congress – Maybe they’ll include your book in their stacks
  7. Figure out your BISAC codes and decide which are right for you
  8. Hire professionals – No one is an expert on everything
  9. Select your Print-on-demand website – Because no one wants a garage full of unsold books

Of course, during my read through, I didn’t complete each step. That’s going to take you slightly longer than an hour. But, Dymalski makes it really easy to complete each step. She provides links and examples. She also does her best to give you an idea of the costs.

What I Liked

The author has a very conversational voice. Dymalski has done stand up comedy and that definitely comes through. The chapters are very tight. The information is there. The humor is there. But, I never had the feeling that I was reading “filler.” Everything included seemed pertinent. She also includes multiple “tips” that although they are part of the narrative, seem more pertinent by being called out as a tip.

What I Didn’t

There wasn’t much I didn’t like. Because it’s a hard copy book, and because tools and processes change, some of the information may already be out of date. That’s part of the reason that Dymalski created a Second Edition. But, with the rapid changes in the online publishing industry, it would be a good idea to double check the links before you jump into your own publishing journey.

What It Means To You

If you want to publish a book, this is book will help you do it. Dymalski has been through the process and knows the ropes. She’ll show them to you and make you laugh in the process.

My Rating

Four out of four stars. . (And not just because she’s my friend.)

Stay safe

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