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That’s Why I Hate Trees

April 25, 2022

I don’t really hate trees. But, I have to admit I do like dead trees.

I love to read. I have hundreds of books. They line the shelves of my library. They also line bookshelves in my office. They are stacked at odd spots around my house. They line the top of the desk in my office.

Autographed books lining my desk

This is my collection of autographed books

But, what I don’t like? I don’t much care for eBooks. I own a Kindle. I haven’t opened it in months. I tried using it. I really did. But, I never was able to disappear into a book on an eReader.

Instead I kept going back to the dead tree versions. They have a feel to them. They have history. I own several books that are over 100 years old. I have books that my grandmother took notes in. Classics like The Grapes of Wrath and Wuthering Heights.

Life and works of Washington Irving

This was probably published in 1880

I have no idea how those books were published 100 years ago. I know that they were published differently than Amazon’s print on demand. But, I can read a 100 year old book just as easily as I can read one printed last week.

I owned a new Kindle when they were first released. But, my Kindle is no longer useable. The OS has been updated to new hardware. About 10 years ago I bought a brand new iPad. It was the best one available. Today, it won’t run much of the new software. Youtube won’t run. Venmo won’t run. In a few more years It won’t work at all.

But, you know what will still work in a few years? Or a lot of years? Books. Dead tree edition books.

So, I like dead trees. At least when they are bound into books.

Stay safe

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