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Well, They Didn’t Make Us Put It Back

Yesterday I told the story of how my brother and I remodeled my parents dining room without permission. (Careful What You Ask For)

That wasn’t the only time my brother and I remodeled our parents house without permission. After the episode with the dining room, you would think we had learned our lesson.

We didn’t.

Our family typically ate dinner at the dining room table. But, breakfast was at the breakfast bar. The kitchen island was a peninsula. My parents at the end. Us kids, typically oldest to youngest sat along the edge. I was often at the end of the row. Above the peninsula were kitchen cabinets and the stove hood suspended from the ceiling.

The problem was that the bottom of last cabinet was only about two feet above the countertop. That meant that to look at my dear mother while I talked to her, we both had to lean our heads down. An peer under the cabinet.

My mother complained about it often.

It’s not my fault she wasn’t always home when school let out.

The get to the bolts holding the cabinet up I had to get into the attic through the access in the garage. I then carefully crawled across the rafters until I was over the kitchen. Then, I dug through the insulation until I found the ends of the bolts holding up the cabinet.

With my brother down in the kitchen ready to catch the cabinet I carefully unbolted the cabinet. It slid down easily and we we had a detached kitchen cabinet. The end of the over-the-stove cabinet wasn’t finished, so we pulled some of the paneling off the cabinet we’d just removed and cut it to fit.

I thought it looked pretty good. We hid the now detached cabinet in the garage and waited for my mother to come home.

She was. . .surprised.

But, like the episode with the dining room paneling, I don’t remember her being mad. And while we certainly could have reinstalled the cabinet, I don’t think we ever did.

I know my kids sometimes read this. And they are all older than I was when I went crawling. through the ceiling. But, even today, I’m not going to be okay with them remodeling without at least mentioning it first.

My parents were much more understanding than I am.

Stay safe

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