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Papa, Are You Working?

I had the most wonderful interruption to my workday. Actually, it was three interruptions, each just as great as the last one. Only one of them could talk.

One of my grandsons lives with me and my lovely wife. He’s only a couple months old. He doesn’t talk much, although he has no problem communicating. He shares a room with his dad and mom. They, being older, do talk more. My son-in-law is leaving for the service in a few days. My daughter will stay here with us. At least for a while.

The three of them also share a room with the baby’s older sister. My granddaughter is about a year and half old. A little less, but close. She talks more than her younger brother, but not as much as her parents.

It’s been a few years since we regularly had a toddler in our house. We still have the child gate at the top of the stairs, and we still have all the soap, cleaners and otherwise “poisons” in a cupboard out of reach. And all the medicines are under lock and key.

So, my granddaughter mostly has the run of the house. She can’t open doors yet, so she’ pretty much limited to the common areas and any open door that looks inviting. Today, another daughter brought her family which consists of her husband and their 4 month old baby.

So, this afternoon there were two granddaughters and a grandson all interested in distracting me. I eventually, retreated to my office. I typically keep the door locked, but slightly open.

Apparently it’s an inviting door. After a few minutes my door opened a few inches. Not enough to see anything, but enough to know that someone was there. It then pushed open a few more inches and a cherubic face peeked around the corner.

Her speech is limited to “Hello” and “Shoes” so far. But, her eyes were saying, “Papa, are you working?”

No cutie. Right now, I’m not.

Stay safe

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