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Expired Christmas Lights. . .and Halloween Candy

Valentine’s Day is approaching. When is the best time to buy Valentines candy?

If you don’t have a girlfriend, then it’s February 15. (If you do have a girlfriend, you’d better get it it before then.)

The same goes for Halloween candy. November 1st, the same candy the a day early was $3/lbs will be available for $1/lbs. The candy is the same, but the timing makes all the difference.

The same goes for all things Christmas; candy, decorations and lights. On December 24th, they you pay a premium. An the 26th they are available for a song.

My neighbor and I have a moderately involved light show that we put on every year. The lights go up around Thanksgiving. December 1st is the unofficial start to the light season. We, I should say he, choreographed the lights to music. You turn your radio a station that we broadcast on and for about 30 minutes the lights between our two houses will blink and flash.

It’s quite popular. We run the light show until sometime in January. Typically we look for a warm Saturday to take the lights down. It’s a somewhat involved process and takes several hours.

The show has been off for a couple of weeks. And my neighbor had his all down and put away over a week ago.

Today, I finally got the last of mine taken down and put up. They get stored attached to the ceiling above my garage door.

Honestly I only took them down this week because we are expecting a snowstorm this weekend. I wondered about my reluctance. And I decided it was like the candy experience. Prior to the season, there’s an expectation and incentive to get the lights up and the show going. After all, we have a deadline. One year we got them up just on Christmas Eve.

But, after? After there’s no great need to hurry in putting them away. The price is way down.

Projects suffer from similar fates, occasionally. Once the initial excitement wears off, it’s important to stay focused through the end.

Stay safe

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