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A New Version Of Windows

Here live the pod people.

We were touring our call center in Utah. It was a cold, clear late fall day. Our call center is four stories high. The fourth floor is devoted to offices and conference rooms. The other three floors were a collection of production areas and support staff.

Our call center is a secure room. We guard the data entrusted to us carefully. The building has layers within layers of security. We believe in a combination of physical and data security. One of the least obvious and yet most obvious is windows.

Our center has 12 foot ceilings. The windows that line the walls are nearly as tall. In many places there are more windows than walls. On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor, the windows offer amazing views of the surrounding Wasatch Mountains to the east. To the south is a view all the way down the valley to the Point of the Mountain. To the east are the beautiful but hard to pronounce, Oquirrh Mountains. (Pronounced “OAK-er”) To the north is the Salt Lake City International airport.

On a clear day the views are stunning. On this day the winter haze had started to obscure the views. On all floors except the 1st. The view on the first floor only changes when the sun goes down. The view on the first floor never changes. It’s the same pale shaded opaque view. The beautiful 10 foot windows that offer the wonderful views from the upper floors are covered completely with privacy covers. It reminds me of what the inside of an egg would look like. . .If I’d ever been inside an egg.

My office is on the fourth floor. It’s an inside office. It’s everything I need; a phone, a desk, a chair, a place to hand some family pictures.

A coworker had an office directly across the hall. He recently moved out of state, while continuing to work with our client. His office is bigger than mine. (But, mine is big enough.) His office is on the same floor as mine. (Not that it makes a difference.) His office is not all that much different than mine.

Except it has a window.

And it’s not a pod-people window, but one with a beautiful southern exposure.

Hopefully they’ll let me upgrade to windows.

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