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Once More Into The Valley Of The Goblins

Three times I’ve tried this summer. Three times I’ve tried to go camping with the scouts. First there weren’t enough leaders. The second time there weren’t enough scouts. Today is the third try.

I didn’t need to even repack my bag since the last failed campout. (But, I did anyway, because. . .CAMPING!) We’ll head south from Pleasant Grove to a Goblin Valley state park. Goblin Valley is filled with hoodoos, strange rock formations that rise from a few feet, to dozens of feet or more from the sandy valley floor.

If you saw the movie Galaxy Quest, the scene on the planet where they get the Berillium sphere was filmed in Goblin Valley. It really looks like that. . .minus the miners, of course.

Miners, not minors, you idiot.

You lost me.

Growing up in the shadow of a rain forest and withing sight of Puget Sound, it was hard to learn to camp in the desert. But, I’m now to the point where I’m looking forward to it. I don’t think as much about rain gear and think a lot more about water: Do I have enough? How can I get more?

It’s only a single night, but I’m planning to cram an entire summer’s worth of enjoyment into it.

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