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My Car Runs On Bottled Water?

No, that is a completely misleading headline. This post is about cars and bottled water, but not together. Sorry, if you want the hydrogen powered car post, you should probably stop reading now.

Dad, where are the different cars made?

Well, most cars are made in the US, Japan or Germany. For example, Dodge is an American brand.

What about Chrysler?

That’s the same thing as Dodge.

Then why do don’t they call it the same?

I saw a movie a few years ago called, “Return To Me.” It was your classic romantic comedy that centered around a woman who dies and donates her organs. Her boyfriend ends up dating the woman who got her heart. (Yeah, not your typical funny premise.) Anyway, there was a scene where a woman at a restaurant demands a certain brand of bottled water. As it’s delivered, she remarks, “You really can tell the difference that quality makes.”

What she didn’ know, but we as the audience got to see was the waitress dumped out the bottled water and refilled the bottle with tap water before serving it to her. The woman was impressed with the bottle, not what was in it. I carry around a water bottle. It’s the evian(r) brand. That’s often considered an “expensive” water.

I said, I carry the bottle, I don’t necessarily like evian(r) water. In fact, I only have it so I can reuse the bottle. It’s the perfect size for those powered drink mixes. And the evian(r) bottle, unlike other water bottles is completely smooth inside. I spin the water into a mini tornado and quickly dump the drink mix in to get a more even mixture. I’ve tried removing the label, but the glue they use is really high quality.

The point is that people see the outside and instantly make judgements about the inside.

Actually, Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth are all owned by the same company and are often just different names of the same car.

What do you mean?

Well, we used to own a Dodge Caravan. That is pretty much exactly the same car as a Chysler Town and Country. It’s just cheaper. It’s also the same basic car as the Plymouth Voyager, just with some added features and more expensive. People will pay more for the name even if it’s the same car.

Make sure when you are evaluating something, be it a job candidate, a book, a car or a bottle of water, that you are paying at least as much attention to what is inside as what is outside.

(Oh, and don’t try to make your car run on bottled water. Not even if it’s evian(r).)

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